Executive Directors

  • Kevin Hendricks


  • Daniel Jewison

    VP Internal

  • Andrew Iadarola

    VP External

  • Jeremy Phelps


  • Corey Cooper



The Kamloops Kappa Sigma Alumni Association was founded in 2015 by brother Jeremy Phelps. The mission of the organization was to engage with local Kappa Sigma alumni in the Kamloops area, while also working to fundraise money to acquire a house for the undergraduate chapter.

After Covid-19, the organization realized that we could better serve the undergraduates by helping assist them long term by providing resources to improve their ability to recruit new members and engage with Alumni. Not only that, but it was felt that we could also better engage with our alumni and provide increased value for members of the Alumni Association.

The KKSAA is led by 5 Executive Directors who focus on various aspects of running the organization. The president resides over all activity and ensure we stick to our mission statement. The VP Internal focuses on ensuring membership has value as well as serving as a liaison with the undergraduate chapter. The VP External acts as the executor of the value providing activities pushed by the VP Internal and the rest of the directors. The Treasurer is focused on ensuring our capital is used effectively and properly monitored for the long term financial health of the organization. Finally, the Secretary ensures all activity is recorded and that our organization is properly organized and all documents are easily retrieved and archived, while also serving as the communications director for all things KKSAA.