The Order

The origins of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity trace back to the city of Bologna, Italy around the year 1400. The Fraternity was started by a teacher named Manuel Chrysoloras who founded an ancient society of students with 5 of his most devoted disciples. The society was founded for mutual protection against the corrupt governor of the city, Baldassare Cossa who would often have students at the university physically attacked and robbed in the streets. Over the period of the Renaissance, the Order grew to encompass many of the universities of Europe.

Kappa Sigma in America was founded one evening in 1869 when 5 friends who attended the university of Virginia in Charlottesville gathered in William Grigsby McCormick's room at 46 East Lawn. These 5 men developed a formal structure based on the traditions of the past creating a fraternity dedicated to the Pursuit of Learning. These 5 brothers recorded their bond in a Constitution and in an Oath which set forth the ideals and principles to all Kappa Sigmas Today. The sixth image below is that of Stephen Alonzo Jackson. Today all Kappa Sigmas follow Jackson's Dream to make Kappa Sigma the pride of every college in the land.


The Omicron-Theta Chapter of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity originated as a colony in the spring of 2004. Seven of our founding brothers travelled to the University of British Columbia on May 15, 2004 to be pledged into Kappa Sigma. Originally known as the Cariboo Colony and as Thompson Rivers Colony, the Omicron Theta Chapter received its Charter on February 25th 2006 becoming the 300th chapter of Kappa Sigma. Since then the chapter has continued to initiate new members from TRU, and continue to make an impact on our local community. We continue to push for growth and to leave TRU better than when we started.